Update Your Home Using Our 5 Key
Principles to Living With Wet AMD

Home is where your heart is.

No place is as uniquely yours. Living
with wet age-related macular
degeneration (AMD) may pose some
new challenges, but there are
5 key principles that can help
you adapt your space to your
changing vision.

Get the My Home in Sight
and see the difference.

wet AMD Home
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When you have wet AMD, small changes can make a big impact on your safety in your home. Line the edges of your stairs with bright tape for better visibility.

wet AMD Stairs
wet AMD Stairs

Color & Contrast

Go bold! When it comes to color, bright is better than pastel. So is playing off lights and darks. Even your choice of coffee mug color can make a big difference.

wet AMD Coffee Mug
wet AMD Coffee Mug


Let's brighten things up! The right kind of bulbs and lighting, like a gooseneck lamp in the living room, can really change the way you see around the house.

wet AMD Lamp
wet AMD Lamp


Become a master organizer. When you create a system of putting things back in the same place, like keys or glasses, you'll always know where to find them.

wet AMD Tray
wet AMD Tray

Low-Vision Tools

You may already have things around the house that can make living in your home safer and easier. Magnifiers, colored tape, and even sticky notes can do wonders. We'll show you how.

wet AMD Tools
wet AMD Tools

Get the My Home in Sight Kit

By adapting your home, you may find the visual changes caused by wet AMD a little easier to manage. Small changes can make a big impact. And we're here to help.

Inside each kit you'll find:

  • A helpful guide with room-by-room suggestions
  • An interactive audio guide
  • Plus, hands-on tools to help you apply the 5 principles

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